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Relocating ,Remodel Kids with MCD Need to replace carpet/paint asap

both my children have MCS which is multiple chemical Sensitivity We have lived in the same home since they were born, We are relocating to Nebraska from Florida to a home built in 1974 and it is not updated or sanitary as it should be So I have to ask them to remove the carpets and replace them with something else , As well as the paint , I am sure they used the cheapest paint possible that is not environmentally safe in any way. So since we have never had to deal with installing new carpet or flooring Nor paint I need to reach out to anyone who would know What is the most modern way to get this hone from being stuck with its 1974 design , Espcially because I will be buying all new furniture and redecorating Every thing that I have here Since we have not relocated yet. I am in the process of timeout out what they need to use . So if anyone can tell me what type if flooring I can use that they can put down that will go with any furniture design style I decide to go with. I need to tell them something . I love grays and Greige , Love light wood , And am obsessed with the gray style flooring which is like a grayish silver look. But it has to be chemical free. I will find some pictures of a few different types of flooring Styles ,I like and if anyone can tell me which is the most allergy and chemical free asap That would be greatly appriciated.I also added pictures of the home We have not been inside the home yet So if anyone can also make suggestions on any accomendations I should bring up now due to the disabilities I need to let them know . Thank you thank you

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