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Building New Home- Floor Plan Critique

Katie Dayley
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago


We are building a new home and would love some input on our floor plan. To save costs, we have selected a stock plan from our architect and are altering it (alterations in color). We can build a max with of 79' and currently this plan is 84' so we do have narrow it down a bit. I have narrowed down the guest bed and will narrow down the garage a bit as well.

My main concerns are:

- I don't like the covered living where stock plan originally had it. That is the lightest part of the house (it is a dark lot) and it seems like it wouldn't be very practical to sit there and watch the kids play in the backyard. I would prefer the area I moved the covered living to but does it feel too removed? Also, if I move the covered living, does that side of the house feel a little strange with just the guest bed over there? It seems like a pretty big jut out.

-Should I bump the "nook" area out in order to give it a little dimension? We plan to put a round table that can accommodate 4-5 for casual eating.

-Jack and jill bath upstairs seems a little congested to me. Would you change this?

Thank you in advance for your input/advice/concerns/opinions!

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