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Mystery Sewer Smell - Only when it's hot, no leaks!

Ash Jo
5 years ago

Last summer, we had the master bathroom in our 50 year old home remodeled and were not very pleased with the contractors. After all was said and done, I kept smelling a very light but foul odor in the bathroom, but I chalked it up to me being 7 months pregnant and having a super sensitive nose. Then in October, when we had some wonderful 90 degree Fall days in Texas (sarcasm), the smell got really really bad. It turns out, the smell only got really bad that Fall when the temps were over 90 degrees.

Long story short, we had the wax ring on the new toilet replaced twice by a plumber AND our crappy contractors, but that did not fix the smell. We then paid to have a smoke test by American Leak Detection, but not a single leak was detected. We also had an AC condensate line added in the attic, and then the weather got cold and the smell went away altogether, so I assumed the condensate line fixed the issue.

Today, the smell is coming back, and surprise! The high is supposed to be 92 degrees. I am out of ideas and out of money after the $15,000 bathroom remodel and then another $1,000 for all of the tests and checks and replacements (plus a new baby!).

WHAT could this be?? Who can I call? The traps are not dry in the sinks, shower, or toilet, and even if the contractor screwed something up, woudnt the smoke test have shown that mess-up (cracked vent pipe, no drain trap installed, broken toilet flange, etc)? And it only happens when it's over 90 degrees outside.

I have a 7 month old that spends too much time close to that side of the house, plus this is just gross and I do not want to spend the entire summer sleeping in the guest room and unable (once again) to use our new master bathroom. I am desperate!! Any advice?? Help!

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