T'was a very monotonous day. Went swimming


I’m already 30 years old and some of my buddies have long been married. So this means I’ve no one to hang out with, especially if I’m bored. Just like yesterday, weekend was so monotonous. So I decided to go swimming. T’was a good exercise for me also, but I could enjoy more if I still have my friends. I’m also thinking about involving myself with relationships again. But I don’t know where to start. What about marriage tours? Will this help me? I will appreciate your responses!

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What are marriage tours?

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Do yourself a favor, stay single as long as you can. Date lots of women, Don't rush to get married because your friends are doing it. Marriage is not as fun as it seems. Sometimes it's like prisons, you'll be on lockdown off and on forever how long.

Don't worry about breaking up with girlfriends. Remember a woman is like a bus, there's always another one coming. Just stand there.

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