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Desperately Seeking ROOM LAYOUT & INTERIOR DESIGN help!

4 years ago

Hi! I am redecorating my 8 year olds bedroom and I would love input on, both, room layout as well as interior design ideas. The room is an awkward space and we have a queen size bed in there which makes it even more of a challenge. I've moved the bed around several times and the current position seems to optimize the space as well as provide the most light. What do you think? Any other ideas? I'd also greatly appreciate suggestions on:

1. Decorating the wall space, particularly the walls at the end of the bed and as you walk into the room. I have a very cute wood mirror (pic included), I am not sure where to put it, if at all. I'd like to provide him a Pin board above his desk for all his artwork (currently randomly pinned on the wall!)

2. Then there is the bedding...Oh my gosh...I've probably purchased and returned 3-4 quilts and duvets in the last 3 weeks!!! I am SO indecisive. We are a beachy family in So Cal if that helps! Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware are my go to, I am struggling with patterns and colors! Quilt and Duvet Recommendations, please!! :-)))

3. Corner space at end of bed? Leave as is and add a tallish plant?

OR create a cozy reading space with a hanging industrial style pendant light (the room needs a light)?

OR small bookshelf, lamp on top, etc.

Thank you, thank you for your help! So appreciated. XO

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