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Waterfall Edge with Ceramic Tile vs Luxury Vinyl Planks

5 years ago

We currently have a Waterfall Edge (made of Quartz) sitting on top of Ceramic Tiles in our Kitchen. We want to remove the Ceramic Tiles and replace it with Luxury Vinyl Planks instead. However, we're not sure if this will damage our Waterfall Edge. FYI... The cabinets were installed first and sit right on top of the concrete foundation. The Ceramic Tiles were installed second. The Waterfall Edge was installed third and sits right on top of the Ceramic Tiles. So here are my questions and concerns...

How do we remove the Ceramic Tiles from underneath the Waterfall Edge (without damaging it) and then slide the Luxury Vinyl Planks underneath the Waterfall Edge? What if the Luxury Vinyl Planks are "thinner" than the Ceramic Tiles and it creates a "gap" between the Waterfall Edge and the Luxury Vinyl Planks? Will this "gap" cause the Waterfall Edge to eventually "slide down" or "fall down" because it's so heavy?

Or... Should we just leave a "portion" of the Ceramic Tiles underneath the Waterfall Edge (so that the Ceramic Tiles continue to bear the weight of the Waterfall Edge) and then just install the Luxury Vinyl Planks as close as possible to the Waterfall Edge? Will that allow room for expansion? Would we need to use a Quarter Round to fill in the gap? Btw, we would prefer NOT to use a Quarter Round on the Waterfall Edge because that looks ugly to us. For what it's worth (not sure if it even matters), we're going to use Lifeproof Luxury Vinyl Planks from Home Depot. Any and all advise would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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