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Anyone else adore nasturtiums?

4 years ago

Nasturtiums are one of my favorite annuals. Beautiful foliage that can be found in small and bushy to long and trailing habits. A lovely array of blossom colors.. and we like to eat a lot of the leaves, blooms, and even the seeds pickled up green like capers. The local bees and hummingbirds love the blossoms too :)

Last spring I discovered I had run out of even the house stock of seed- then discovered somehow my garden patch got covered up and killed off.. Not such a bad thing, the garden patch and seed had gotten kind of.. blah. Not bad, just kind of generic.

So put my wish list for new nast seed on my Christmas list. And the whole list was filled! 8 different varieties of seed. I set them to soak along with some moonflower seed late Wed night. This morning I potted them all up in their cells. The nasts got 2 seed per cell, 9 cells per variety. Moonflower got one seed each in a 6 cell. The nast seeds had swelled well- and three of the Moonflowers had already poked tail!

Today I started Orchid Flame, Hawaii Mix, Tip Top Apricot, Peach Melba, Ladybird Cream Purple Spot, Moonlight, Out of Africa, and Vesuvius. I have enough of each seed leftover for a second smaller sowing round if I want.

I'm particularly excited about the Orchid Flame. Extra lovely. Something I noted among the new selection of seed from a culinary point of view. Some varieties have definite smaller seed vs larger seed. This will be good to note when harvesting green seed for pickling.

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