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Can't waste space - What to do about under the stairs?

Tosca Necoechea
5 years ago

Here's what I want: to use the space under the stairs. I'm still getting the hang of what information to include to describe a problem, so if more will help, help me help you help me!

Use 1: There is a reach in pantry planned for the short wall where they terminate. How deep should I make it?

Use 2: I have placed a shallow (15") seating area on the long side of the wall. Can anyone help me use the space under the stairs to make this a lot better than it is? In my mind, the best result changes the orientation of the seating so that it faces the kitchen, but I don't know if that's even possible. But maybe it's possible to have a recess there that increases the depth of the table like surface.

Stairs (Their rise is 7.75" and the run is 10" for each step except for the base landing.):

I'm assuming usable space under the dotted line. I'm not sure what the usable height will be but it probably will not exceed 70". If anyone can tell me definitively that would be awesome.

Here are two floor plans. They're basically the same but one has some notes that may be instructive.

Architect's floor plan:

My floor plan (I know the pocket door won't work):

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