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Please help me design my small accessible/universal designed bathroom

6 years ago

Please help me design my small accessible/universal designed bathroom. I am a 43-year-old woman with Cerebral Palsy. As my husband and I update our home we make changes based on universal design to address my needs now and to plan for potential future needs such as transitioning from using crutches to a wheelchair. Next up is our Master Bath. We envision the master suite to be completely accessible. To make this challenge more interesting I am 5’1” tall. My husband is 6‘6“ tall . The project must occur in the space we have. An addition is out of the budget. Walls can’t be moved due to the recent addition of a guest bath. I am leaning towards a transfer in shower. My husband is opposed to a curbless or roll in shower due to a bad experience in our previous house with a roll in shower. Neither of us are interested in a tub. We just removed a garden tub for our last remodel. Glass doors over a shower curtain is preferred. I love the look of tile but my tender feet cannot tolerate it . Any suggestions on products or materials would be greatly appreciated . I envision A wall mounted vanity to increase open floor space. Keeping all plumbing in its current location is preferred, but I would love to see all layout suggestions. We plan to widen all doorways to a minimum of 32 inches. We would love 36 inches.

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