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MCM home needs help mixing wood tones after hurricane harvey...

5 years ago

We took almost 3 feet of black water with hurricane Harvey in August. We've had to, fight the City of Houston to get permitting and prove my childhood home isn't "substantially damaged", and had concrete flooring poured that was a very, very expensive fiasco and broken pipes under my foundation and what it's like living in a hotel for 8 months and how one of my contractors turned out to be a conman and was actually squatting in my home with a woman at night, boarding up the windows with sheetrock and doing drugs and most all of our money is gone.

I'm buiding the house back up from nothing, chosing door knobs and hinges, electrical plates and recepticals, etc. You name it. It's a flat roof mid-century modern 1956 home (that I grew up in). My concrete floor is industrial-like and grey. The walls and trim and everything but ceilings in SW Repose Gray. We bought hubby's dream appliances in orange from the Big Chill pro line. I need warmth though. I would love a butcher block countertop, but can't afford it now, so we'll probably go with formica, in a wood tone. I like a color called "Amber Cherry".

I'm also going to stain my news doors as they were originally. But I'm getting very conflicted with woodtones. For example, I have to buy 4 ceiling fans. The one in the main room that is open to the kitchen, I'd like to have stainless or silver elements and woodtone blades. However, most of the combinations of fans, that meet my other criteria of LED lighting with 3000k, a dimmer or wall control, a 52" size, etc. MOST everything I see the only lighter shade wood tones come with oil-rubbed bronze motor or base. The silver motors or bases come with dark walnut blades. I'm going to have this wood-look 110" bar right there... and my dining table that I just purchased used, is 1960 teak - so I'd like to stay with medium tones throughout the house.

I'm afraid I'm just not thinking straight anymore. I had just let go of not matching my handbag to my shoes ( :)) and now I guess I just need to buy what I like, stain whatever color I like, etc. etc. and pray it doesn't look like a mis-matched mess? I have a good eye and have some knowledge of basic design, but mixing woodtones is really throwing me. Any advice or encouragment would be appreciated. Lori in Houston

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