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arranging living room furniture w/ front door opens to living room

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello! Trying to get advice and input on the best way to arrange furniture for a living room that has the front door open into it. I'd like some kind of a rug to be in front of the door but not sure if it should be one large one or two separate rugs? Our TV is on top of the black piece of furniture in the corner. I also feel like its a little bit awkward with having our large sofa so close to the door - I feel like its not that welcoming? the grey piece is a fireplace and the L shaped shelves against the walls are built in. to the left of those is a large window with two stain glass windows. its and old home so windows are much larger then average. i do have a coat rack behind the door too. thanks for the help!

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