Living/Dinning Room Flow

Shahar Cizer Kobrinsky
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Thinking of how to design our living room and dining room. our wants:

- we have a baby and we are spending quite some time in the kitchen, so it would be great if we can find some room for her to play there

- we like to eat in the living room in front of the tv :)

- we host rarely, so while we do want maybe a 6-sit dining table, we wont host as often

- we're open to have dining table in the living room if that makes sense

some limitations:

- We already have a single sofa (, a coffee table ( as well as a small dining bar table ( in the short term we wont sell the sofa, but maybe later on. we could be selling the current dining bar table if we feel needed.

- Entry door is diagonal which poses some weird layout

- L shape sofas - as the previous design was is a problem for TV - mounted on the wall is too far away, and TV stand away from the wall is not an option as we need a child proof layout

- other layouts with the sofa causes either very close to the door or very close facing the wall

- on the right side of the door is an entryway built in bench

Attaching photos if previous tenant setup - while it looks nice TV is pretty far away. not sure there's a room for a larger tv there (and we cant have a moving stand bc of the baby...). let me know if you have other suggestions

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