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Mountain-inspired color schemes

6 years ago

I need a mountain-inspired color scheme and style ideas to get started helping my Dad make selections for a remodel/refurnish. This is his vacation ski home in the Rockies that the whole family uses. It's a 2000 sq ft, 3 bed, 3 bath, split-level. It's 20 years old and all builder-grade right now, a bit beaten up from many years of weekly vacation rentals, and he is embarking on a whole-house remodel. He doesn't rent it anymore. The kitchen, dining and family room are all one big rectangle. He'll be choosing kitchen cabinets, countertops, hardware, floor color (wood), dining table and chairs, sectional sofa, 2 chairs, one large rug, stone for the rocking fireplace, accent colors for pillows, window treatments, coffee and end tables, lamps, trim color and wall color. Currently there are no ceiling beams, but he may do that. He's working with the GC now to go over the major construction goals.

We will be meeting with a designer that the GC recommended, but I wanted to go in with some ideas.

When I quizzed my Dad about the style he would like to see in the house he said "wood and fabric." Hmmm. I continued to quiz him and we settled on this: "Rocky mountain ski lodge style but not too dark." And his favorite color is blue. That's the best direction I could get.

I looked at ski lodge pictures and everything seems so dark! Brown, brown, and more brown everywhere. If not all brown, they mostly seem to use red and cream as the other major colors. So I tried to find some mountain-inspired color schemes whereas we could bring in some lighter colors and some blues, and I found these.

Will this work? He wants to use blue in the color scheme, but I don't want it to accidentally end up looking like we were trying to create a beach house style.

Thanks for feedback. This is just the beginning of the process. If we can settle on a color scheme, it will make the selections easier. The furniture decisions will come later, but we will have to choose cabinet finish, wood floor color, countertops, and rock earlier on in the process.

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