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BAD Tile job...Used sanded instead of non-sanded grout

Pamela Wilson
5 years ago

Help...Need advice.

I hired someone to re-model and it's gone from BAD to WORRRSSSEE!

The grout is lifting in many areas both backsplash, shower, and flooring.

When I started doing research it appears the grout that should have been used is the non-sanded grout. Is there something that can be done w/ the exception of busting out the tile and starting again?

I was told there may be some kind of buffer that releases the sanded grout where I can then re-grout everything again w/ the non sanded grout. I have the wood look tile flooring which is close together but the shower and backsplash is further apart and it is doing the same.

Any experience on this issue?


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