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Help: Gollum Jade in root pain!

Terese (Zone 5a)
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

This Gollum has been growing increasingly top heavy and have been starting to lean and fall over in its pot. To make matters worse, I noticed a while ago that my cat likes to stroke herself against it, which might have been what started the problem, or perhaps it's just increased the stress on the plant.

When assessing the damage this is what I found. It's got almost no root system. I'm guessing any new roots would've broken from the constant movement/toppling over. It has not been over watered.

I've now replanted it, and wired it to some support sticks, but I'm wondering if I should prune it as well? Can those few roots really support all the leaves? From this side the leaves look better than they are. There's a lot of wrinkly/shrivelled up leaves

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