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Issues Furnishing Oddly shaped Living Room

Hello Everyone,

MY fiance and I recently got chosen as the renters for a lovely three story condex in our town. We absolutely love the place but we can not come up with a way to furnish the living room (I have attached a floor plan I threw together quickly. We are buying new furniture for the room and are open to couches, sectionals, chairs, whatever will make the room work. The issue is there is a large angled fireplace wall right next to a big bay window, which is opposite the open hall to our dining room. We have a large 65 inch tv that we want to be able to enjoy, but also don't want to block the bay window and would like to avoid placing it above the fire place (unless it is absolutely necessary). Any ideas on where to place everything. As noted in the design, there is really only one usable wall, as the other adjacent wall to the fireplace has a bathroom door and stairs (both up and down) that essentially take up the whole wall.

We are most appreciative of any help anyone can give (again the furniture choice is open, but we would like at least 3 usable seats and would prefer 4 or 5

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