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Family Room Furniture Layout Dilemma - Advice Needed!

Amanda Jakovich
5 years ago


I'm looking for feedback on the furniture layout for my family room. Currently it is set up with one couch and one chair facing a TV on the opposite wall. Behind the couch is a wall of windows. To the right of the couch is a wall with a fireplace. As you enter the room the approach view is that of the fireplace and the TV is blocked around a wall with a small wet bar.

I'm considering a different layout that would place the TV over the fireplace, adding 2 couches opposite each other, one on the window wall and one where the TV is currently. And then possibly 2 chairs facing the fireplace/TV.

Does this make the most sense in terms of the room layout from a design perspective? Or should I try to redesign in the current layout with the couch in front of the windows and the TV on the opposite wall?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!!

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