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Still looking for help on choosing exterior paint colors.

Jeny Knight
4 years ago

This is the hardest decision! Any thoughts on exterior color combination? I am looking to use maybe a brown (Sherwin Williams: Tree Branch, Curio Gray or Morris Room Gray (this one might be too light) and an accent trim color (SW Greek Villa)? A Designer was nice enough to put Moth Wing on her program and seeing it on the siding, it looks too brown. Should I paint the siding the lighter color and use the darker color for trim? My house was originally painted a brown/toast color (picked up the darker colors in the brick) and changed to white (picking up the white in the brick). I would like something in between. It's a small house, but could be so charming with the right colors. Thank you for your suggestions!

Color before siding was installed

Siding unpainted, but primed

SW Curio Gray (Left) and Morris Room Gray (Right)

SW Greek Villa and SW Tree Branch

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