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Mystery: Meiwa kumquat, or?

4 years ago

I have this "Meiwa kumquat" tree, purchased from a reputable seller, for 2 years. This coming winter (I'm in Auckland, New Zealand) is its second crop, with about 20 fruits. (The first crop last year had 3 fruits.) However, I'm starting to suspect this is NOT a Meiwa kumquat! Reasons:

  • The rind / pith are very thin, plus very easy-peel, like a mandarin. Pictures online show thick rind.
  • The segments are easily separable, again like a mandarin.
  • The fruit overall is sour. The flesh is sour; the rind is maybe a little sweet.
  • The fruit is slightly oblate. Pictures online are round, or slightly oblong.

Background: tree is in-ground, full-sun. Trifoliata rootstock (like all citrus in NZ); I'm very certain that fruits are not from rootstock growth. Watered and fertilized regularly like my other citrus trees. I think it has had reasonable growth these 2 years; I'd not call it "slow" like others describe kumquat trees.

I hope those with a Meiwa could help. I don't know anyone else with a "true" Meiwa tree that I can compare against. I increasingly think this is a very small and sour mandarin (is there such a thing?!). I have learned a lot from this forum and I sincerely thank everyone's ideas!

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