Split Level Exterior Porch and Paint

3 years ago

Our dated 1970's split level needs more updating than we can afford at the moment but it at least needs to be painted . We need help with paint colors to match the brick as well as decide if we should have shutters or not.

A more expensive decision is our porch which has issues. As you can see from the picture, the roof for our porch is off, causing the roof line to somewhat hid the door and window. I would like to eliminate the roof going down so far and have it stop as normal so it won't hide the window. Then build an A-frame porch over the door and over to about half way between door entry and window. Also, instead of the steps being under the porch, I would like steps that lead you to the porch with the columns being square. I am having a hard time visualizing and don't know how to edit pictures to put a porch on to see it. A concern with add an A-frame porch is the roof line with water. I'm uncertain that an A-frame porch would work due to water running towards the 2-story part of the house.

I welcome your expert opinions and photo shop ability so I can visualize. I have attached a couple of pictures of our house as well as some pictures of porch examples.


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