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Range oven vs speed vs steam vs convection microwave?

Theresa Mueller
4 years ago

I have read through various threads and still can not decide. We are building a new house and have options and have this dream that I will cook more because I will have a real sized kitchen but don't really know because we often don't make the time to cook anything fancy. Then again I also probably won't have money to eat out anymore (LOL). I currently use a microwave at least once a day to reheat coffee, microwave friendly food from trader joes or maybe defrost something. I use the toaster oven 1-4 times a week (toast, nuggets, reheat pizza... way faster than oven). I use the oven maybe once or twice a week but sometimes use the crockpot instead of oven. I have never used a steam oven but everyone seems to love them. If money not an object I would get the range oven and speed and steam but this seems excessive anyway given I am not a chef. So if I decided to get a speed and steam could I do without a regular oven and just get a cooktop (and of course also eliminate microwave and toaster oven)? Which two would you pick among oven, speed and steam if you can only choose two of the three? Why? Thank you.

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