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Is there a better color for my fence?

5 years ago

I recently added two fences to my house -- the front scallped fence (the "keep your dogs off my lawn" fence) and the porch fence (the "keep MY dogs from running out the door into the street" fence). Both are wood. As you can see the house colors are basically green with white trim -- which looks lovely IMO. However, the fence around the porch is IMPOSSIBLE to keep even remotely clean. Because it abuts a dirt garden area, and its near/under the roof edge line, it gets completely filthy. I am possibly going to add gutters which may help, but i don't think it will help enough. If I painted a darker color that would help, but then I think I'd have to paint *all* the trim darker. I can't think of another color that works well here, unless maybe the house color but I think that would look funny. Do I just live with the dirty dirty white? Any thoughts?

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