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Seeking help for furniture, layout, tv placement for empty living room

4 years ago

I'm moving and starting from scratch! No existing furniture and a long, narrow empty living room. Fireplace on one end, windows on the long side.

Does anyone have advice for what furniture will work best in this space, and where to place the tv?
For furniture, I need comfy seating for me + 3 tween-to-teens. This is high-use space, and we'll use it for homework, hanging out, tv watching, and hosting. (We won't use the fireplace often.)

Right now I'm thinking the best place for the tv is over the mantel (though I don't much like looking up at a tv.) I'll be opening up the wall between the kitchen and dining room, so it might be nice to see the tv from the kitchen. Though having the tv at the end of the long, narrow room makes seating tricky, right?

What would you do? I love sectionals and was thinking about a smaller L-sectional, but now I'm thinking long couch + 2 chairs. I think my budget will accommodate one "nice" piece (I'm in love with the Hughes collection from Joybird right now,) and the rest will be Ikea + secondhand.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be super appreciative. I don't have budget for a designer, I'm afraid. Here are some pics of the layout and space:

Thanks so much for your help!!!

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