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Worn hardwood vs. new laminate for resale

Susan S
5 years ago

My husband and I are updating our house to get it ready for sale later this year since we're building a new house. The house is a 1983 ranch on a walkout basement. We've completely gutted and updated the master bath, the main bath, and the kitchen. The floors are hardwood throughout the living room, dining room, and both bedrooms; however, they've become quite worn over the years from my Golden Retrievers. We don't have the budget, nor do we have the ability to move everything out of the house and go away for a week with a dog, 4 cats, and 2 kids, so we cannot have the floors refinished. We want to sell the house with everything move-in ready, but we're stuck on what to do about the floors. Would it be better to sell the house with everything updated except for worn hardwood that the buyer would have to refinish at some point, or would it be better to put a high grade laminate over the hardwood so everything is completely updated and move-in ready? Would either of those options hurt resale?

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