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polished concrete flooring poured before or after tub installation?

Kyra Liggett
4 years ago

We are remodeling our bathroom and I need help with the order of events. Here are the facts relevant to the remodel:

1. Our house (including the bathroom to be remodeled) is on concrete slab

2. We want the finished floor in the bathroom to be stained and sealed concrete

3. The tub we are installing is the Alcove Flory De Colt corner tub with skirts on the front and side ( It is an acrylic tub.

4. We are planning on a mortar base to secure the tub installation.

Should we finish the concrete floors before or after the tub installation? We will be pouring new concrete on top of the existing slab in order to bring up the level of the floor, even it out, and make it look nice. I know tile floors are always installed after the tub, but I cannot find any information on what to do if the flooring will be concrete :/ Any advice would be super helpful!

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