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How to place sofa/TV w/ awkward layout of kitchen-living-dining room!

Jessica Hawthorn
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hey! This is my first time using this site so hope I'm using this right..

I've just moved into my first house and I love it / my long awaited independence. It's a 2 bedroom maisonette and I live on my own - so space is not a problem BUT I'm having trouble choosing & setting up the living room furniture / TV. I have one large room which serves as Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room - in an L shape and due to the open plan format, and where the TV point etc is, its making for essentially a corner for the living area with only 2 walls.

I've seriously badly used MS Paint to edit the floorplan to give you an idea of size - the Orange star is where the internet/tv point is. The Blue boxes are radiators and the badly drawn furniture is dining table, sofa and TV unit. The grey line is just to show where the end of the kitchen flooring / start of carpeted flooring is.

I've considered getting an L shape chaise sofa to slightly split the room up, or get a 2 seater that divides the room in half, or 2 seater where the current sofa is and chair in the middle, or sofa with the back to the kitchen and TV on the window wall... lots of ideas but nothing has stuck so far! I like the openness of the room, and that I can chat to friends who are sitting on the sofa whilst making food/drinks but not so sure about the sofa facing the kitchen, as its 1) overlooking the washing up and 2) not really facing the TV. (I actually don't use the TV very much though - only really for watching a movie)

I can't seem to figure out where any other shelving / display unit (not that I need much in addition to the 2 x big cupboards you can see on floorplan) would go. The room also has good amount of unused floor space (mostly in the kitchen) where another buyer may have chosen a small dining table or desk if they were using the living space differently - to be honest I just tend to hand my washing in the kitchen as I don't have a garden, but open to ideas.

The sofa and TV unit have both been donated from family and can/will be replaced! I think I've slightly over-egged the size of the sofa. I also have a coffee table in front of sofa which I forgot to draw, but it's again donated and will be replaced when I find a style I like, and I also have a ladder shelving this between the living room and cupboard doors with a few cards and items displayed.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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