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What colour scheme would you choose for a sleek modern kitchen?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I'm having a crisis of choice and am second guessing my knee-jerk choice of a matt white handleless kitchen with flamed and brushed black granite for our new kitchen. It's a large modern open plan space (in a very modern new build) with big sliding glass doors along one wall. The white isn't too bright--more of an off-white--and the black looks more gray with the finish, but I worry it might look boring and am wondering if I should turn things around and go for really dark cabinets instead (like a navy or anthracite or an almost black wood, though still in a sleek and minimal handleless style) with light worktops instead.

Flooring is wide plank brushed oak.

What do you think will stay looking 'fresh' for the longest period of time?? Would I be crazy to go for dark cabinets? It's a big kitchen--6m run of cabinets and worktop on the back wall and then a 3m island. There's a fair amount of light in the room, but as it's such a big open plan space I don't want lots of dark cabinets to swallow all of the light.

What do you think? This is sort of what the worktop looks like:

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