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What’s worth more - a 4th bedroom or a media room for master suite?

4 years ago
Hi all -

I current live in a 1960s Tri level that I am preparing to renovate. The house has the main living space (a to-be combined great room/kitchen + dining room), 3/2 up, and 1 bedroom, plus 1 bath, plus laundry, plus a large “bonus” room downstairs. Basically, the upstairs has two bedrooms in the front, plus a guest bath, tiny master bath, and small master bedroom in the back. The downstairs is a bedroom, laundry room, bathroom, and then a large bonus room going from the front to the back of the house (underneath the master and other bedroom).

When I purchased the house a few months ago, I ultimately fell in love with it because of the space and it’s potential. It’s a blank slate for me, which is great, and I love the thought of having a media/game/bonus room in the basement for entertaining large crowds.

That said, the master is pretty small, and the bathroom is minuscule - room for a toilet, 24” vanity, and a shower. Barely. I’m considering combining the adjacent bedroom with the master and expanding the bathroom/closet to create a master suite, which would leave be 2 beds/2 baths upstairs and 1 bed/1 bath down along with the bonus room. Alternatively, I could lose the bonus room, turn that into a master suite, and have a 5 bed/4 bath house.

I don’t think the size of the house or the neighborhood warrants 5 bedrooms - it would be a lot. And I hate to lose the bonus room. For my needs, expanding into the bedroom upstairs would be perfect for me, but then I think about resale.

What is more important? The bonus room, which truly makes the house feel much more spacious/large, or having four bedrooms? Or would I just be best off just having the tiny bathroom and leaving the bedrooms/bonus room as is?

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