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Floating Shelves or Combo of Shelves/Cabinets to Bring Back Symmetry?

6 years ago

Installing new, upper off white cabinets on both walls (no arch), but would like to incorporate the use of floating shelves to help disguise the asymmetry of the back kitchen wall. The island is actually centered between the two kitchen walls (photo 2), but by doing so, it also off-centered the island

with the back wall. Can't move an island, but to help minimize the flaw on the back wall, my thoughts are: Install 2 sets of floating 30" shelves on each side of the kitchen window and install one 30" cabinet on the far right. OR, install only 1 set of floating shelves to the right of the window and keeping 30" cabinets on the far right and far left. Will be changing out the backsplash and wall color. Also, any thoughts on how to disguise the very knotty alder double doors. The single door

is no problem. Thanks for your help.

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