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My baby Fortune's Double Yellow is blooming!

6 years ago

I got this rose as a cutting from one in a little park in Ross. The town DPW head told me he had grown that one from a very old plant he found on what had been the grounds of a 19th century mansion nearby.

I tried to grow mine up the giant trunk (at least 3 feet in diameter) of our 80 foot tall, 80 year old scarlet oak. It did grow up, clinging to the rough bark, for about 3 years. It was sort of miniaturized - only attained about 3 feet in height, and each year it produced 3-5 very small blooms. Then, long story short, we had to have the oak taken down (serious hazard). We dug up the little FDY, and transplanted it in another part of the garden, under a large old privet tree in a sort of clearing, where there was a structure we built to support the now gone original Anna Olivia rose. It did grow, and much faster, and by last Spring it had reached about 6 feet, and produced one bloom. This year it is 7 feet tall and has about 30 blooms open! I am so happy. I just got on a ladder, which was the only way I could take a picture of several blooms at once - on the top. Here it is. There is plenty of support structure going in 2 different directions for it to grow on, and someday I hope it will climb that privet tree. Yay!

Here is the pic:

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