My mom's encouraging me to date online

Peter Simmons

I really don’t understand my mom. She wants me to take part with online dating. Maybe because I’m old already. She said foreign dating events are successful and I should be involved with it since she doesn’t want me to die single. The thing is, I’m not sure of it. She even created a profile for me to a dating site. What should I do? I don’t want to offend her by saying no, all she wants is my happiness. Please help!

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I do not know your age, but can certainly understand your mother’s concern. I also had a son who had never married (got burned by unfaithful GF) and wanted no part of trying again. Finally he met a wonderful girl who was filling in a temp position at work and at 43 he married for the first time. I had prayed that he would not be alone for the rest of his life with just his dog...and he is not. I am a thankful mom.

You might give internet dating a try... but be cautious...although I think it is safer for a man than a lady.

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I hate the dating sites. In 5 yrs I have had no luck, but then again I'm not young. Give it a try, if they ask for money RUN !!!

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Terrence Howell Home Staging and Art

After 5 yrs hanging out on online dating sites I did find that special someone.

One thing I can say about the online dating, you get to see the person and chat back and forth. But always keep your antennas up for gold diggers, and the baby mama drama women. You know the Maury Povich show types.

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