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Chronic back pain.. do I have to give up gardening?

I think I've developed chronic lower back/hip pain. It all started when I pulled my back about a month ago which was caused by 16 hours of shoveling, lifting up salt bags, walking with buckets of stone and other strenuous stuff. Ever since then my back hasn't been the same. The pain itself will heal fast, however whenever I do some lifting again the strains comes back. I was transplanting some liriope clumps today and now my back is feeling very strained. So if this happens everytime I dig, plant, or lift some heavy plants does that mean I have to give up on gardening? I am only 24 and I do not want a permanent disabling injury already..

I did get acupuncture treatment, and I have a doctor-use-only cooling gel for my back, a back brace, and have a portable electric pulse for my back but not sure if that'll prevent my back from feeling strains when I lift something real heavy

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