Dream closet needs drawer pulls

3 years ago

First time poster but learned alot from all of you. I'm hoping you can give me advice on drawer pulls.
Our downstairs flooded from Harvey and we are rebuilding it to our taste, but with resale in mind. This closet originally sold me on this house, and I'm wanting to improve on the original.

My master closet is going to have a 4'x5' island in the center with 12 skinny drawers on each side. I think they will be flat front, and the entire thing will be painted a subtle metallic silver with Delerium granite on top. The drawers are 30" long and very shallow.

Now for the questions;

Would you do one drawer pull? And what length would you suggest? I don't want the bar style because of the snag possibility, but they can't stick out too far either, so any recommendations on style? And since I'm having to purchase 24 of them, I have to find reasonably priced ones, so need to stay under $25.

Thanks for your help!

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