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Help/Tips for staining a PT pine fence

5 years ago

We had our yard fenced when we moved in this January. It is made of pressure treated pine. Our HOA "requires" that it be stained by May 1 (even though you'll see that our neighbors that we adjoined to isn't stained or hasn't been in years). We do agree though that it would look better stained to tone it down a little as it really does stick out from the whole neighborhood aesthetic.


1. We are thinking a semi-transparent stain to provide a bit more longevity than transparent. Will we regret not seeing as much of the wood grain?

2. Should we stain only our new portions of the fence? Or ask permission from the neighbors to stain the side of their fences in our yard that we adjoined to?

3. Looking at the color "pewter" by Behr. This would be trying To match the aged fenced around us. Any experiences with their fence/deck stains?

Other product suggestions? We would prefer to spray it instead of roll it, but could do either.

4. Feel free to give landscaping ideas on this yard. The ivy has to go, just don't know what I want to do instead since I'm not sure we will ever be able to have grass back there with so much shade.