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Does anyone know how to make a wedding timeline? Every person I talk with is telling me something different. I found some wedding timeline info but I’m not sure where to start. I found some advise here. How much time should I allow for photography?



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I think it really depends on the community you live in and how elaborate your wedding will be. First, I put the deposit down on the facility for the wedding and reception. The wedding consultant was next, followed by the photographer and musicians for the reception. Those are the places and people who can do one wedding only per day, so if you really want a particular place or person, get them a year out. Wedding dresses and accessories take time, so that was done when DD would be in town for a visit, and we did that during the Thanksgiving visit for an August wedding. The dress takes several months, but the fittings take time too. The florist was also booked somewhat early as they can take only so many weddings a day, perhaps only one. The bridesmaid dresses do not require as long, but it took quite a bit of time for all the girls to try on dresses and order them around their work schedules. Hope this helps.

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Are you asking for a timeline for planning, such as shielajoyce described, or a timeline for the wedding day itself? Judging from your links, I'm guessing the latter.

Will photos, ceremony, and reception all be in the same venue, or will there have to be travel in between places? That makes a pretty big difference.

How much time to allow for photography depends, unsurprisingly, on how many poses/groups you want and when and where you will do them. Tell your photographer what you have in mind; they will know how to advise you. If you do all the formal poses before the ceremony, you don't have to worry too much.

Ceremony: talk to your officiant.

Reception: this depends upon what kind of reception you are having. You obviously need more time for dinner and dancing preceded by a cocktail hour than you do for a cake and coffee reception, and if you have a band/DJ, they can tell you what works. Think about what toasts and speeches you want.

This is why a wedding coordinator is a good idea! They know it all. But if you can't have one, ask an experienced family member or friend to help you figure out the timeline. I wouldn't have had any idea back when I was a bride, but hundreds of weddings later (as guest and host), I could probably help someone do a decent timeline now, and I am sure there are people in your life who can, too.

Good luck and have fun planning!

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