Add a Walk in Closet to Master Bedroom

Jen G
3 years ago
Our master bedroom is a good size but the built-in closet is a bit of a joke. It is approximately 2ft by 5ft reach in that was custom built (and not well) which juts out into the room adjacent to a window (you can see it in one of our "before" photos on the far left, the other "before" is the entry into the room). We aren't using it yet as there isn't nearly enough space for both of our clothes.

As you can see in the floor plan, there is an opportunity to extend this closet out turning it into a walk in vs a reach in but I'm concerned that would further block one of only 2 windows in the room.

Alternatively, we could put a walk in where the bed is now and shift the bed to the opposite wall (which would create a "hallway" effect upon entry to the room) but we'd need to re-route the light switch and other electrical along that wall and create outlets along the wall where the bed would move to.

Our ideal scenario is to convert this closet into a stairwell to the attic (and make the attic a master closet + bathroom) but we know that long-term goal is too expensive now so want to at least fix the storage issue in the short term but put the closet in the right location for the long-term plans.

I would greatly appreciate opinions or floor plan ideas for adding a better closet in this space. It's a very old house so, while my dream is a larger attic renovation, I'm afraid retrofitting a 1920s house to make it work will probably come at a larger expense than my current budget allows.

Thanks in advance for any photos and ideas!

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