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Need help with a color scheme for open space living room

Levantinka M.
4 years ago

Hi houzz community :)

I am trying to put together a color scheme for an open space kitchen/dining/living room.

I would like to create a light & airy, fresh, elegant, not too warm nor too cold in hues, mostly neutral, kind of space.

I have few given elements to start with that I tried to illustrate with the image bellow.

So, I am trying to find a color scheme that would work with those elements (old brick, oak flooring, wrought iron railing, stainless steel appliances).

I've read that wardrobe colors are a good starting point when choosing color scheme for home, so I have looked up into my closet and I find mostly neutrals (white, black, gray, beige) with some pink/rose and navy pieces. So, I tried to illustrate it, and came up with this (sorry if it looks weird, I wasn't sure what would be the best way to put it together):

What do you think could it work? Or what would you suggest what colors to choose with that flooring and brick wall?

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