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hardwood floor gaps unfinished

Mary McAdams
4 years ago
We have been in a nightmare with our hardwood floors. I don’t want to get into the pointing fingers of who’s fault it is because the bottom line is it’s happened and we have to fix it, The guy who laid the floors has been fired and will no longer be finishing them. We now have to find somebody else. Just trying to figure out how we’re going to “fix” them to make them livable. I understand that I’m never going to have a perfectly smooth beautiful seamless hardwood floor but at this point we have to move forward. Please don’t tell me “hire professional” because we’ve had many many professionals and a paid big bucks to have professionals screw us over so the whole professional thing is a joke. We have even paid for a flooring inspector come that is NFA certified and basically got nothing. at this point we’ve decided moving forward is better than a court case so here we are.
We have 4 1/4” red oak floors with a terrible install, large gaps. Should we do a whole trowel Fill or board replacement or filling with shims? I see tons of people doing videos on how to replace boards, trowel filling and shims but no one who’s posted any pictures of the “after” or how they stand up to time and wear. Below are some pictures of our current situation. We have talked about ripping them up entirely and still have not completely ruled that out but a lot of people are saying they are pretty overall and we should try to fix them. Any help greatly appreciated as we are completely exhausted with this whole process. Ps. The cabinets and trim are down, so ripping them up isn’t super simple at this point.

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