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Plum and Peach tree issues need advice.

4 years ago

Several years ago I saw some fruit trees on clearance so why not grab em, plant em and I got plums and peaches right? Not even so. Did not know what I was getting into, but now I am playing catchup for the past several years. I initially thought that I would grow them in pots, so they lived on the patio for more than a year Before I decided to plant them in the ground They have not properly pruned since day one. I began when fist planted but not with an open center which now I find should have been. Last year were not pruned at all and have grown buck wild. One plum is a Santa Rosa, it produced several small fruit on the patio but were eaten by something else. I lost track of the info on the second. The peach is a June Gold I think, it has about the same history but is about two years older. This is it's third year fruiting although not without issues along the way; small peaches( not thinned enough and small worms, then larger peaches, worms and borers. I have gotten a bit better with it but still lacking. The plums are my biggest issue. After planting the Santa Rosa bore about eight plums but the squirrels got at them. The other I had began to think needed a pollinator because it flowered but produced not even one plum. Now this year they both have an abundance of fruit but also issues with a least Plum Curculio something eating the leaves and over growth. The peach has them as well along with some bark issues. I am posting photos as well. Possibly not enough but just looking for some advice or direction as to which direction I should head with them. Not ready to just throw in the towel. Those first small peaches were some of the best tasting I've had, and several of my neighbors enjoyed them as well. Thanks for any advice or help in advance.

I can not get the photos in order but the Santa Rosa is the smallest of the two plum trees. T bark and sap issues are on the peach tree. A gain thanks for any and all input. By the way I am in Dallas,Tx. if that helps.

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