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Need kitchen update ideas --- Please help

4 years ago

Hi all,

So, we bought a coop a few months ago with an outdated kitchen in NYC. The kitchen is really small (9.4x5.3) with no window. We are exploring our choices to update the kitchen cabinets. The bldg was built in 1963 and upper cabinets appear to be original. The bottom base cabinet was changed a few years ago so they dont match the upper cabinets. You will notice that sink doesn't align with the cabinets opening. Also, there is no cabinet on the top of the fridge. Our super has told us he can swap the refrigerator with the stove (last owner moved the stove from its original position). It will also create more roomy feeling.

My big question is what to do about the cabinets. The upper cabinets are surprising in terrific shape (frames, interiors, doors). Since top and bottom cabinets do not match, I have been looking into painting them white and results seems to be all over the place. I am looking into Beyond Paint or Chalk paint options. We dont mind retouching the paint now and then if we know that grain wont bleed. Retouching them would be worthwhile to save a huge amount of money and complications in reno since it is a coop. Please give suggestions about cabinets or about anything that could help in improving the kitchen. The floor is bamboo planks and is in good condition.

Many many thanks!

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