Need help with new paint for open floor plan

Elizabeth Glass
4 years ago

House is very Tuscan. On list of 'to do' is new light fixtures, replacing granite counters and installing some 4 inch recessed lights (as house is very dark). And then of course, new paint to get away from yellow hue in house. The trim and doors throughout the whole house are Killim Beige. So I'm thinking a darker color paint to whiten up the trim. Anyone have any ideas on paint color? As you can see by the rug in the living room, I'm drawn to brighter colors). The rug really doesn't match what I have going on now, but it's somewhat temporary as it's a washable rug and I have a senior dog that has me going through rugs like crazy. None of the stuff hanging on the walls is keepers. I'd like to do paint, and then start choosing art. (I know, it's a hot mess). If anyone has any ideas, it would be so appreciated!!

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