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color matching with Flor - urgent

5 years ago

We are getting Flor tiles for our basement, and 2 days ago I saw that they are 25% off until April 2, so we rush ordered a few samples in hopes that we could make a decision and order before the sale ends. The samples just came, and I am stumped. We want to do most of the room in a medium blue, and we like Lapis and Tidal. However, we were thinking of doing a decorative section in the middle, and the patterned samples I ordered don't include any blue, although there is blue in the overall designs. For example, the "Among the Wildflowers" in Periwinkle sample is mostly black (or very dark navy) and white, with a tiny bit of green, with none of the blue in it. Idk if I should have or could have specified that I wanted the patterned samples to include some of the blue, but it's a bit late for that now.

Any advice? I don't suppose anyone here has used Lapis or Tidal with a patterned tile too? I am going to email Flor to ask about this, but I doubt they will tell me whether Tidal or Lapis "goes with" any of the patterns we like. We don't necessarily need patterned tiles with the exact same blue, we just want ones that are complementary. Sigh.

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