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Ok call me stupid... gonna try to root a florist rose again..

5 years ago

Been wanting to try it again. I know I'm pretty much just throwing my money away, since florist roses are near impossible to get to root. But I thought I'd try again because I did manage to get a couple of varieties to root last yr, after much failures, and I'm getting excited about the prospects of them blooming this yr. Had to go to Safeway for some stuff on Monday, so looked at the florist section to see what was there. They get deliveries Mon, Wed & Fri with named varieties. I still want to root QUICKSAND, but haven't had any luck with it, and they haven't gotten it in in awhile. Didn't have anything terribly exciting, but they had an arrangement with a couple of massive hot pink roses mixed with some lilies and other flowers. Then I saw the one bundle of the same rose, so looked to see what one it was. PINK FLOYD. Yes! Ok, had to give it a try. That's one of my husband's favorite bands. So... now I have 12 stems potted up in 2 1gal pots. We shall see how it goes!! Hopefully in a few months I can say I got some to root!!

This photo doesn't do it justice. It's a beautiful dark pink. The blooms in that arrangement were opened up to nearly 5". And at least one of these blooms is opening up almost as big, so far.

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