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Am I Insane? Replacing hardwood with LVT planks.

4 years ago
I'll keep it quick. 1940s Cape Cod, modest neighborhood. Live in upstate NY with harsh winters and a killer mud season, but no mudroom on thr house. Older dog with increasing accidents and cat who leaves the occasional hairball. Planning on having a baby soon. Need to replace flooring on the first floor which is currently a mix of crappy stained carpet, crappy linoleum in the kitchen and a few areas of really beat up hardwood flooring. Hardwoods have not held up well for us. After 7 years, they are embarrassingly worn near the entry way. I am looking for something dog proof, cat proof, kid proof, mud proof. Am I crazy for considering ripping everything out, including the hardwoods, and putting down LVT plank throughout?

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