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Brand New House with Clashing Designs and Poor Layout

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

So recently, as a 22 year old guy, I got rushed into buying a brand new house by my family because it was "a great deal." I looked it over once and thought it was okay. I was told since it was brand new it's the perfect opportunity to save money and build up equity with an unfinished basement and sell it for a gain in the future, which at this point I'm really questioning because I don't really have the money to get there any time soon. I got convinced on the idea, signed a contract, and didn't have the courage to back out when I got second thoughts.

SO, here I am. I'm a picky son of a gun, but I've had many people say it seems to be a wild mix of whatever was available to slap in the house without me even pointing it out (mostly directed at the cupboards and flooring combination). I need some design inspiration on how to turn this place into something a lot more eye appealing both interior and exterior, hopefully without going bankrupt. The house is essentially planted on the property sideways because its a narrower property and is a longer length, stick-built home built off site and was moved in. The windows therefore face the sides of the houses on either side of me staring into their windows. (Didn't think this through very well).

An idea of doing an addition (approx 15' x 20') is certainly in the realm of ideas off the open south side to attach an actual living room since the kitchen/living area isn't laid out right to put a table anywhere. Of course that'd be a home improvement loan. Just not sure the best way to blend it all together. I know I'm being very stubborn, but any feedback to turn this around to be more appealing and modern is much appreciated. Maybe all I need is paint and decorations?

The lack of a window to see out to the street where people show up or see anything moving kills me.

Not too fond of the mobile home style... =/

I've attached some pictures of some style ideas I would be going for with an addition, but any suggestions would be great.

This to me would probably be the most likely option, with the double overhang and projected window. Not enough space to extend back to where that smaller window is.

Garage detailing.

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