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Help with Master/Closet/Bath/2nd Bath/Laundry Layout

6 years ago

Hello! we just purchased a 1950's home which we love! The home is just about 2100 sq ft, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bath rooms, 2 living rooms (front room & family room), a small den, kitchen and a dinning nook. The previous owners made an addition way back when that in our opinion does not make the best use of all the space. Our goal is to some how reconfigure the layout so that we are able to keep the shower, bath, laundry room, master closet and add a master bathroom. We are completely open to combo rooms like a laundry/bath room/mudroom, etc. any ideas that make best use of the space are welcomed. The majority of the space is on concrete, with the last 41 inches of raised 9 inches. Ceilings are 10 feet high with the exception of the space raised 9"; ceiling is at 7 ft.

First world problems we see:

- shower room is really crammed

- have to walk through master room to access laundry room

- no master bathroom en suite

- shower room is pretty much out in the open. Seems like they took space from the family room and brick den to create it.

What we'd like really to see happen:

- create/keep practical space for a half bath, or shower/bath/sink

- create/keep practical space for laundry room

- add master suite (shower, tub, and double vanity)

- create/keep practical space for master closet

I hope the information i've provided is enough for anyone willing to help, be able to help. Thank yo so very much in advance!

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