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Choosing roller shade color and question about Levolor quality

6 years ago

I'm choosing between off white, muslin, and canyon (from left to right) from Bali's room darkening roller shades. I read that it's best to match the trim or the wall color, in my case it's Sherwin Williams 7011, which is an off white with a yellowish tone. The picture suggests that off white would be the closest match, but it feels a bit too bright for a bedroom. Also it seems to have a blueish tone, which doesn't mesh well with the paint. The 2nd and the 3rd pics show the samples under natural light and room light.

The other question is that I've seen quite a bit of complaints about Levolor's quality. Are they really that bad? The reason I ask is because they have a lot more selection of room darkening roller shades compared to Bali, and they feel soft like fabric instead of hard paper like Bali's. More expensive brands like Hunter Douglas is out of the question because I don't spend much time at home and I don't plan to stay here for more than 10 years.

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