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Patio project on hold, how can I dress up the "in between" stage?

6 years ago

We had a lot of work done in our backyard last year, turning our
plain sod lot with the standard poured concrete slab into a more
welcoming space. The patio was rounded out and stained. Raised beds were
placed around the perimeter fencing. We decided to divide the project
into two phases rather than pay for everything at once, so we have kind
of a weird "in between" stage going on right now.

There is a
retaining wall on the outer edge of the patio that will eventually have
two pillars built on either side of it. These will support the wooden
pergola that will be built out over the currently exposed concrete area.
Right now there are just gravel "holes"

I'd really like to find a temporary solution to make this area
look less incomplete. Of course it IS incomplete, but given that I'll be
living with the space for another year I'd like to fix it up as much as
possible. I feel like I just don't have the eye to try and tie it all
together. I use the wall to line up pots of seeds that I'm sprouting. In
front of the wall is a root bag of potatoes, another pot of lemongrass,
and a pot of sprouting basil seeds. None of these these are very
pleasing to look at but it's a sunny area so I make use of it. I could probably move the root bag somewhere else in the yard.

Anywho! I figured
that containers are my best bet for beautification and wondered if anyone here had some insight or ideas? Containers or otherwise!

View from the right side (you can see how far the current roof comes out from this view)

View from when you're sitting on the couch

View from the left side

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