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Forced to remove Sheetrock on all exterior wall to insulate?

E Grrrr
5 years ago

We are entering month 3 of the renovation on a 3000 sqft home built in 1880. My GC very casually told me on Thursday that I would need to take down the drywall on all exterior walls and last floor’s ceiling to insulate them. He told me that it would be required by the building inspection (upstate NY). Then told me it would cost me 35000 to insulate and replace drywall.
I almost passed out.
Beside the fact that he never mentioned it before, is it true? Do You have to insulate all the house when you do a remodel? The second floor was built later, most likely after 1960 and there is some insulation in the attic (on the floor above the second floor’s ceiling). Insulation is most likely not up to code but it is there.

We had to remove a little bit of drywall on the first floor to do structural work so the walls are exposed in a few places. There is no hiding it from the building inspector.

Thank you in advance for your answers

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