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Please help with house layout - & kitchen addition

5 years ago

I added pictures in the middle of my post. Sorry about that.

We are gutting our home and am working on the layout. The architect has given other layouts. This is the layout that is closest to what we want. We are definitely struggling rearranging this home! The kitchen area however, will be an addition. The living room (current bedroom) has a french door that will be changed to a slider. I want a table near the kitchen, but I see that it looks tight. And it doesn't look like anyone can get through, if the fridge is open.

I am fine with taking from the living room, if I can fit in a table. There is an additional living room in the lower lever that we don't use. It is currently just my husband and I living here, but I spend a good amount of time cooking. My husband is in the early stages of Parkinson's and my parents could possibly move in someday, if that is useful information. Any suggestions are most appreciated!

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